Victrola Favorites: Artifacts from Bygone Days

Description: Deluxe 144-page clothbound, full-color book of illustrations with two CDs
Publication Date: January 22, 2008
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Compiled by Rob Millis and Jeffery Taylor
Recordings made between 1920s-50s featuring Burmese guitars, Chinese Opera, Persian folk songs, Fado, Hillbilly, Jazz, Blues and much, much more.

Aquarius Records: “…the bulk of this handsome book is made up of gorgeous archival images, 78 labels, old record tins, posters, pamphlets, old greyed photographs, mailing labels, instruction booklets, all sort of Victrola ephemera. It would be well worth it just as an art book. Makes you dread the oncoming MP3 takeover, what will future generations discover of our music, old busted hard drives? None of these cool old sleeves, decaying from years of moisture and insects, gorgeous little visual artifacts offering clues as to the music contained inside… So absolutely recommended.”

Village Voice: “Victrola Favorites features a bewildering array of exotica, religious chanting and barroom bawls from an equally bewildering array of countries — India, USA, bamboo flutes in Korea, Chinese Buddhist monks chanting in Hong Kong circa 1915, Thailand, bamboo xylophones from Japan circa 1910, Zulus, Persia… We’re talking about field recordings and beyond from the dawn of recorded music, pretty much. And yes, it totally is the s**t… you get a sensation of what the original recordings sounded like…”