May 31 Event + Michigan-I-O + Country Classics

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Hambidge Art Auction: May 31

Music and Entertainment curated by Dust-to-Digital

Eighty years ago, Mary Hambidge, a professional whistler, costume designer and weaver, moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia to establish a sustainable farm and artist enclave. Since her death in 1973, the Center has stayed true to her legacy by offering a formal and competitive residency program for those interested in the arts, sciences and sustainability. Eight residents at a time come from across the U.S. and the world to the pristine 600-acre property in order to explore, develop, innovate, collaborate and create lasting works of the highest caliber. Residents include visual artists, performance artists, writers, poets, playwrights, scientists, ceramicists, musicians, dancers, choreographers, chefs and architects. 

The Hambidge Art Auction + Performance Gala is the Hambidge Center’s biggest annual fundraiser, offering for bid the work of over 200 exceptional artists, as well as live music, theatrical performances, and art installations. This year’s event will include a Dust-to-Digital Listening Lounge, as well as live musical performances by the label’s artists and friends. Details and tickets can be found at


Now Available as a PDF with Bonus Audio Material

Last November we released Michigan-I-O: Alan Lomax and the 1938 Library of Congress Folk-Song Expedition. A joint production between Dust-to-Digital and the Library of Congress, this innovative e-publication celebrates the 1938 field trip with a compelling narrative written by the Library’s Lomax curator, Todd Harvey, and illustrated with original items from the trip, including audio and video clips, field notes, and telegrams. 

We’re proud to now feature this digital book in both iBook and PDF formats. The iBook format contains all the material in one embedded file, and is accessible via an iPad or Mac computer. The PDF format, which is downloadable via Bandcamp, includes the audio and films as separate files, which can be accessed via any computer or electronic reading device. The Bandcamp offering includes ten bonus tracks from the Association of Cultural Equity.

News & Reviews

Joe Bussard + Record Label Panel + Reviews & Interviews

Michael Graves, of Osiris Studio, and Lance Ledbetter recently paid a visit to Joe Bussard, and during the visit, Joe’s daughter Susannah presented Ledbetter with a folder of fan mail that Joe has received over the years from radio listeners around the world. We created a webpage for the Country Classics show and included some of these heartfelt messages. We also added a link to the RSS feed for people who want to access the podcast but do not use iTunes.

Tomorrow in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Dust-to-Digital’s Lance Ledbetter will participate in a panel entitled Musical Recyling: Producing Reissues Through the Years. The other panelists are Chris Strachwitz (Arhoolie), David Freeman (County), Richard Nevins (Yazoo), Richard Weize (Bear Family), and Richard Martin (Archeophone). We will report back the discussion of this panel in a future newsletter. 

Finally, here are some reviews of our recent releases, as well as a few interviews with our colleagues. Thanks for your continued support!

“Exquisitely soulful instrumental tracks from Rembetica’s early years, lovingly remastered and engagingly notated…” – ABC
“Early 20th-century Southeast Asian recordings a real joy” – Bangkok Post
“‘Longing for the Past’ is as much a meditation on its medium as anything resembling a comprehensive anthology of Southeast Asian music.” – Wondering Sound

David Evans discusses “Sorrow Come Pass Me Around” with Greg Rasheed.
Patrick Feaster offers his expertise to a “Brief History of the Waveform.”
“Cheikh, Rattle and Roll” – an interview with David Murray
Steve Roden sits in on “The Sound of Photography” roundtable.
Jonathan Ward participates in a Crate-Diggers’ Symposium.